The WBA’s Discussing Racism & Being Anti-Racist Toolkit

On June 5, 2020, the Women’s Bar Association of DC (“WBA”) issued a statement entitled The WBA Condemns Systemic Racism: A Call to Action (the “Statement”). As outlined in the Statement, the WBA believes that actively doing the work of being anti-racist demands becoming educated and engaged, paying attention, and taking action. To that end, and as promised in the Statement, the WBA is pleased to release its resource page for WBA members and the broader community.

The WBA’s Discussing Racism & Being Anti-Racist Toolkit (the “Toolkit”) can be found here. The Toolkit is a comprehensive (although not exhaustive) collection of resources currently available. It offers a range of written materials, opportunities, and tools for readers to learn about race and systemic racism in the U.S. and how to become and be anti-racist, in support of the WBA’s call for members and the community to begin the work of dismantling systemic racism.

When available, the WBA has provided source links. The WBA encourages readers to borrow books from a local library or to purchase from a local Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC)-owned independent bookseller.

The WBA will update the Toolkit periodically, and plans to use it as a springboard for internal and external-facing programming. The WBA encourages readers to share the Toolkit widely throughout the WBA membership and broader community.

The WBA would like to recognize and thank Board Members Renée-Lauren Ellis and Lauren Brown for their efforts in researching and organizing these resources.