Civility, respect, and equity are essential for a just society.  The systemic racism that contributed to the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others leave us outraged and heartbroken.

If this Country is going to get its act—and our people—together to tackle the immense civil justice reforms we confront,  it will need a large and diverse cadre of leaders in the legal profession to help show the way, to set the tone, to offer just solutions to serious structural problems.  It will also require a change of heart, a willingness to openly listen and learn, as well as compassion and healing.

Several years ago, the Corley Institute for Diversity and Inclusion Education at George Mason University’s Law School was founded to provide aspiring lawyers with course work, tools and techniques to understand and combat bias, embrace differences, and develop strategies to enhance and leverage diversity and inclusion in the practice of law.  Our belief is that developing strong skills on these issues is as important and foundational as developing strong legal writing skills.

As we welcome our next class of aspiring students to our law school, The Corley Institute is more determined than ever to offer the environment, dialogue and tools to help develop lawyers who are ready to lead on these issues.  To accelerate our efforts and expand our impact, we are seeking to partner with other law schools and to share our on-line curriculum with legal scholars everywhere.

All of us must play our parts. We deserve and must have a legal profession dedicated to the cause of equal justice every day.

Kelly McNamara Corley
Alumna and Chair, Board of Advisors

Craig L. Sawyer

Corley Institute for Diversity & Inclusion Education
Antonin Scalia Law School
George Mason University