Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program

Three years ago the law school initiated a no-charge Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program for its law students. The program consisted of 6 sessions on diversity and inclusion, including the market case for D&I, implicit bias, privilege, micro-aggressions, cultural competency, EEO & D&I, hiring and retention strategies, conflict resolution, and it culminates with students collaborating to create their own D&I program for a hypothetical law firm.

Last year, we created a tool kit for the Program, and offered it free of charge to other law schools. The tool kit includes syllabi, video collections, learning outcomes, PowerPoints, reading materials, and activities and exercises that legal educators can use to hold their own certificate programs.

This year, with the increased use of Zoom and virtual classes, we decided to offer the program to law students from schools around the country. The ability of law students from different schools to exchange ideas and experiences in this format was invaluable and an unexpected benefit of rethinking the program in the era of COVID.

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